went to Skylab yesterday.
got a copy of the nice fanzine of Swordheaven Mark.
it is called Married Life.
it's about music and stuff.
it's funny because I just got a will to do a fanzine too the same day.
Peasant Graves did a good set, better than at the INC in april (or may ?).
maybe just because it was dark ?

a young guy called Brad Griggs did a harsh noise set, which was ok but in the end he kind of (over)acted like in a destructive way and spilled all his pedals that were on a table on the floor.
which seemed a bit dumb to me.
maybe he was just being young.
good sound anyway.
good sound from the set of Mike Shiflet too.

Panicsville were ok too (you can see the young harsh noise guy Brad Griggs on the very very right).

and then lovely girls with Gregory Jacobsen. They kind of tried to sound burlesque or grand guignol but still it sounded too "skingraftian" to me.
good to see Gregory Jacobsen in real though.

then I went to carabar because there was a french band called The Feeling Of Love, who kind of know some people I know better in Paris, that are kind of acquainted with the garage scene.
There were more and prettier girls there than in Skylab.
Balls breed Cunts.