Yesterday, I've been thinking about Paul Hardcastle all day. Kevin introduced me to his music, and I think put one of his track on the mixtape he made for me. Ok so I posted this yesterday (and wrote this today) and after work I went to Volunteers of America on Indianola and Torrence, this record was waiting for me

They don't usually have much shit there, but at least one good item comes up every time I go there. Last time it was Lipps Inc and The Fixxx-Reach the Beach (Side A only is good).
All the Lynch's movies are on VHS.
I found Halloween by Carpenter on VHS a pretty new tape, but I dropped it and broke the piece of plastic that protects the tape. I bought the tape nonetheless.
Twin Peaks's Episodes 1 to 7 are also there on VHS.
I didn't buy them as I'm thinking binarily about buying tapes from a series : either everything or nothing.