c'est chi

english post.
this should obviously happen.
i saw The Epicureans. i guess that apart from the bands there were 2 people in the audience.
the guys made noise with their instruments, totally avoiding to use them in the proper, conventional way.
can they actually PLAY them ?
what does it change ?
is this the end of music ?
this concert made me want to
and well they were quietly ending their show, it was very tense and fragile and the second guy from the audience (apart from me) actually ENDED their show by clapping. and then he went away. he was angry you could tell.
one of the guy said : "this is chicago..."
there was a grand piano. i had the idea to ask to do a "ton ami" concert but i didn't have the guts to.
i should have.
i learned that when Aphex Twin was performing he used to press play and just LAID on a couch on the stage. this is so honest.
Hendrik is arriving in around 5 hours.
this picture is from a 60's band called The Epicureans.
the guy is the bottom left corner looks like Pan.
They kind of all look like Pan or Satyres.