totale stereo

oui i boucht a shitty sound sistem frm a 40 year ol mothr with big breasst and really bad teeths.
i have four amps and one is nt workng and it's funy how the mother tried and suceeded in hidng this from me.
but i don't care snce ther are only two outpus.
so it's really shiti at list i can listen to everyfing.
the amps don't emphasise the bass, which is god.

this Panicsville/Lovely Little Girls split 7'' is quite good too.
Panicsville sounds far less gloomi than the set at Skilab.
on the split, it sounds more like Lovely Little Girls, kind of scary/childsh/disturbeed.
i saw a video of Panicsville when he played in Paris. he was behnd a knd of transparnt crtain.
In the end, he trid to make himslf throw up.
he fed me and let me use his phon, which is nice.

i'm going to send an albm to this rdio in Austin, a Mulan Serrico albm.

i'm gona work on my fnzin calld CONTENT to which an amzing amont of peopl rsponded positivly.
"releas" date : mid-guli.

my breaths stink.