the conference is over.
i missed a few interesting things in columbus :
this wcrs radio benefit show with tom, mark and others.
this band called "circuit des yeux"

what did i get to do ?
to eat very good food and drink very good alcohol for five days
to have certain good issues to work on for the next few weeks
to play soccer, basket ball and swim (which i haven't been doing for months)
to feel highly uncomfortable and even kind of passive/agressive
to see my PhD supervisor again (not good but not wrong)
to be used to talk to asian people
to realize that i'd like so much to work in an environment for which i can feel some affinities with the people that constitute it
to realize that it should be the same shit anyway
but maybe not

what is my close future made of :
well sunday there is hair police, envenomist, biff boff barf.
i have to prepare this show on the 8th august
my french pals are coming on the 5th and 6th, i will plan a trip.

that is basically it.