saw a movie about the germs.
it was a fake documentary.
better read the book.
smoked weed.
kept me awake until 5 am.
couldn't do anything.

on saturday evening i went to see prurient who is touring with xiu xiu.
it was a good show.
ambient and then harsher and he's screaming.
i left before xiu xiu.
mike shiflet, brad riggs and david reed were there.
i saw them but they don't know me.
being on my own, i drew.
then i went to bernie's where tom's band motovirus was playing.
smoked some weed again.
it makes me feel paranoiac and unease and highly self-conscious and overreactive.
i did some drawings again.
the band before motovirus was playing with no concerned audience.
they played as if they were in their garage.
a boring jam.
but the whole scene was a good environment to draw.
a very tense black started playing pool on his own.
he was playing very fast, holding the stick with one hand.
i thought my drawing was very good, was the best i've ever done but i was wrong it was just the effect of the drug.
i just overconsidered everything.
motovirus played.
the singer was kinda drunk.
he destroyed the bulbs over his head.
some songs are pretty good.
we went to a party, it wasn't a party, only youngsters watching tv, boozing and smoking cigarettes.
a couple of nice girls though.
i talked to a skater who had been to lyon.
and that was it.

i wanted to go to the lake with tom's car but he had his laundry to do this sucker and then today he told me that he had to see ryan jewell for some recording shit.
i should have come over.
i finished the front cover for jedrek i'm happy he liked it.
i spent the whole sunday afternoon doing this.
i wanted to work today but i just couldn't although i have a paper to write for the 3rd.
i watched factotum a movie based on bukowski's book.
matt dillon is good but the book is so much better.
than the movie i mean.
i could stay only fifteen minutes at the swimming pool.
black girls in the sauna.