2 new releases

Two great releases I'm pretty excited about.

MAURER - CS20M c36
This is a tape in honor of this great instrument that is the Yamaha CS20M synthesizer. I played it and recorded directly to a tape recorder. There is a just a small delay from the amp I used. Analog gloom.

2050s are a short-lived band from Columbus, OH, composed of TD, FP, RM, DF and NM. The music can be described as psychedelic blues. Blues, because the songs are about suffering and longing and psychedelic because they contain extended guitar solos. 2050s played several shows in Columbus and one in Massillon, OH. They played with the best bands in town: Cheater Slicks, Unholy Two, Necropolis, Sword Heaven, Sandwich, Penis Geyser. They notably played for the so-called El Jesus de Magico's last show at Rumba Cafe. This is a recording of this show.

I have so much respect for the Cheater Slicks that I won't try to describe what they do or talk about it to avoid saying stupid things. I hope you know them. They've been around for two decades at least. They recently released some material on Lost Treasures on the Underworld (run by TD), which didn't consist of songs but of what we could call a "noise jam". For the repress of this record, they played at Skylab. The recording of the show is on this tape, which is a true and great honor.

Both tapes are extremely limited (25 copies!!!!) and are $6 ppd.