"Came along with a passive-aggressive note addressing my review of member Nicolas Murer’s previous release as Drosofile. Murer will be happy to know that I enjoy this work of his much more, and am since divorced of any desire to comment on his life or schooling. Speaking of divorced, these seven songs are separated almost completely from emotions, Murer and bandmate Regis Trapeau trading off on guitars, bass, drums and vocals, keeping all but one of the tracks in a lockstep, almost demonstrative bluster. It sounds mindless, but in the hypnotic way that works to make music interesting, not the stupid, poorly considered choices that would amount to a mistake. It’s like they’ve freed themselves from attention to anyone but each other, and pound those instruments like machines (with the exception of “Grenoble Pour Toujous,” limping along with a single-note bassline and low energy, and positioned second on the EP, so you are forced to notice it). Hey, sometimes the static approach works. This would be one of those times."
Stiil Single, 11 September 2012

"Great modern and minimal DIY post-punk from Gueule Ouverte, an ostensibly Montreal-based duo featuring at least one of those Drosofile guys (who I could certainly use more music from). I knew as soon as I saw the Sharpie-drawn lumps of matter on the front and back covers that I was gonna dig this one, but the music holds up its end of the bargain, too – they’re just a bass (or guitar) and drums duo, but they play it like The Door And The Window did, lightly tapping through some songs and noisily falling on the floor with others. Occasionally moments of punk rock will rise to the surface (much like acne), but I like it best when they play like a couple of drunk French-Canadians trying to find the mid-point of Karp and Young Marble Giants. I’ve really enjoyed the whole record quite a bit, and hope it’s not too long before this disturbed camp sends out their next transmission."
Yellow Green Red, 1 October 2012

"Avec Nicolas Murer du duo Drosofile, il ne fallait pas s'attendre à de la grande poésie. Mais là, on touche le fond. J'ai bien essayé d'y dénicher un second douzième degré, une finesse cachée mais non, faut craindre que ces merveilleuses paroles soient tristement sérieuses et qu'elles fassent uniquement rire au dépend de son auteur. Au moins, avec Drosofile, on sentait comme une certaine distance, mais là, c'est niveau zéro. Quelques titres suffiront à votre peine : Grenoble pour toujoursT'es un gros conMarre de bosserTu pues du cul. Beugler avec la grâce d'un supporter de foot, il est donc difficile de trouver un intérêt à ce mélange de Parabellum et des Sheriff et d'écouter, comme si de rien n'était les huit titres de ce duo (l'autre gars se nomme Régis Trapeau). Musique tout aussi rudimentaire, punk primaire, rugueux, pugnace et saturé pour les meilleurs moments, basique et relativement pauvre en général, digne d'un groupe de lycée pour la fête de la musique. Qu'ils crèvent la gueule ouverte."
Perte Et Fracas

This pounding percussion and feed-backing bass duo keeps it minimal and devastating but doesn’t believe in keeping it anything else, other than weird. Thusly, they are far more Suicide-ish than they are relatable to any other post-White Stripes duo. Refusing to draw lines between punk, noise, novelty rock, reggae, garage trash, art core, falling down the stairs music, math drone, rock, and more rock, this band is only better in my ears because their guttural vocals are all in French, so I imagine they are just making fun of me for liking their absurd audio.