bought a printer.
saw Monotonix on friday night at skylab.
Three "old" israelians overfull of energy.
highly enjoyable.

skylab was full with young indie boys and girls.
there were two highly boring comedian acts.
a guy did also a kind of solo-electro-dancy-punk?-rap act.
it was Totally Michael from Bloomington, Indiana.
It was OK.
Sounded like Atom And His Package.
Had a nice chat in a bar with Jim about biomimetics.
which leads me to write my phone number on the bill left to the waitress.
without daring to talk to her.
I'm 15.

did nothing with josh and Tom on saturday.
played a bit of music.
sat on a bench on hi strit and watched people.
Tom was cracking the worst basic sexual jokes.
It was funny.
There were some Columbus bands playing outdoor the most "famous" being Times New Viking, Deadsea, El Jesus Del Magico...
we missed Vegetative State and Great Plains.
Mark chatted with me about his Europe tour.
then we, Tom, Josh, Max from Biff Boff Barfff went to Cafe Bourbon Street, where Vegetative State were known to play.
But nobody wanted to pay five bucks to get in.
Tom's punk band Motovirus and Biff Boff Barff will play there next saturday.
So we went to a house where there was a movie projection in the backyard.
It was a japanese zombie movie called Wild Zero.
i had seen this movie on the TV of Cafe Bourbon Street before.
I went away before the end of it.
too much beer.
oh and Tom kept on practising to say "est-ce que tu veux me sucer la bite" during the whole night.
the later it got, the worse he was.
which was funny.