i don't think what we recorded is any good.
i've been at used kids, which is a record shop just a few meters from my office.
i bought AH Kraken LP on In The Red Records. It is a band from Metz and Strasbourg in France.
I expected something less structured and at first it sounded too emo for me. But after a while, it gets really raucous so in the end i liked it.
The cover sleeve is so good : it is a picture of a blonde gothic teenager that handles a rifle, probably the one of her father. By the tapestry of the room, you can easily identify that the family where this girl was "raised" is a deep french middle-class family, probably from around Metz or Strasbourg.

I also bought the Hair Police LP released on 2007 on Troubleman Unlimited.
There are no drums on it.
Which sucks.